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Ben Alder Project

Latest News 
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October 2021

The exciting new for this month is the purchase of an original Highland Railway Whistle, the history of this whistle is currently unknown so we can not claim it is from a Ben Class, but it is of the correct design. This fortunate offer has saved us a considerable amount of time and money, we could only agree to buy this thanks to all our supporters who have signed up to the Coffee club. The reason for the club was to help cover unexpected or unplanned costs, such as this this; although we hadn't expected it to be needed so soon! We would ask anyone interested in our project to please consider signing up, even for just £5 a month can make a big difference to us. A form can be downloaded via this link

Summer 2021

Welcome to the summer update for the Ben Alder Project, Covid is still causing things to be rather slow, but we haven't been sleeping. Anthony's Pub to Pendleton raised over £600, this was an amazing boost to our fund, the whole team would like to thank Anthony for his super human efforts.

We have also passed the half way point with our Bogie Wheel appeal, this now allows us to start thinking about getting a final quote for the casting of the wheels. We are still hoping to have these cast this year, but that is depending solely on funding.

Coffee Club

To help fund the less glamourous aspects required to build Ben Alder, we have decided to launch the Coffee Club. All we ask is that interested donors sign up to donate the cost of a Coffee each week, a Coffee can cost £2.50, which is £10 a month. Having a regular income will allow us to plan for 2022, the reserves the club will create will enable us to promote better, allows to plan for events; while giving us the funds required to attend without affecting our appeals. Coffee Club Form

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Spring 2021

We have been a little slow in updating the Website, there has been a few points of interest. Our Wheel Appeal has been slowly building, and we are now pass the halfway mark, now we have reached this stage the next task to start getting concrete quotes for the casting and transport. The design work on the Bogie has been continuing, but we have slowed the work to allow Hector to complete his University coarse, and further investigation is need at Swanage to confirm the Horn guide design.

Pub to Pendleton

Friday the 18th June, our trustee Anthony, walked from his family run Pub, to Pendleton Hill and back, all in one day. We are pleased to say the Anthony managed this grueling challenge, and has raised much needed funds for both NBLS and Pendleside Hospice. Donation are currently still being taken via -


Early in June, we received and email from The Scotsman on Sunday, this has given the project a much needed boost. We would like to thank Alastair Dalton and the Scotsman newspaper group for helping to promote our project; during the Covid lockdown keeping the momentum going has been a major headache for the team. Please take a look here -

February 2021

Looking back at last years news has been a sobering experience, the events that we has hoped would promote our project never happened. The plans made in late 2019 have all but been scrapped, but new paths have been made available and opportunities  have been taken. This year we are being cautious with our planning, but we have some positives to look forward to; first is our Wheel appeal. After just over 3 months we are about 50% funded, this has been done at a time when money has been tight for most people; with the double effect of Covid and Christmas. We are hoping if the funds continue to arrive then we can start looking to get confirmed quotes, and maybe place the order this spring. 

We have also come up with a plan regarding the troublesome bogie frames, the joggle has been the stumbling block for most of 2020. After a discussion the engineering team are now planning to complete the whole Bogie drawings, so that we can have the whole design signed off at the same time This allows the funding team to work on the wheels, before restarting the bogie fund; all funds currently received for the Bogie has been placed in a secure account for when we reactivate the appeal. 

Our chairman has been in contact with the Fife Heritage Railway, and is currently in negotiation with them to secure space for a storage container. This will then become our store for components, and a base from where we can start publicising the project; as well making an effort to promote the education side of our charity. The container will mainly be used for keeping the major items, as we acquire them, then a plan will develop to start the construction of small sub-assemblies. Please keep following us here for updates or via Facebook, if you want the news first then please sign up as a supporter. 

Ben Alder team.

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