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Funding Appeals


As the project progresses then, there will be a need to boost our income to cover the costs. To do this we will be following the lead of other New Build Schemes, this will include a dedicated appeal for the larger components, or for the smaller items we will offer sponsorship. 

Wheel Appeal

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for NBLS and our supporters. Lately the amazing team of the GCR 567 Locomotive Group prepared patterns for their bogie wheels, which were promptly sent to Trefoil Steel foundry in Sheffield. With a stroke of luck, these patterns are the same required for Ben Alder and with a second stroke, the GCR 567 Team have granted us permission to use these patterns for casting our own bogie wheels once they have met their needs.

We have now launched our Wheel Appeal, please download the donation form, and set the 'wheels in motion'

Ben Bogie Appeal

Our first appeal was launched at the SRPS Steam Gala, we intend to start acquiring the components needed to construct the front bogie. We have a designer currently working on the frame plates, once the design has been completed and checked by an independent Engineering consultant; then the order will be placed with a supplier. To allow us to do this and to further the required design work, we are asking for an initial £10,000 to kick start the build. If you want to become part of this amazing project then the appeal leaflet can be downloaded.

bogie appeal pic_edited.jpg
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