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Ben Alder Project

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Come and join our new Coffee Club. All we ask is that interested donors sign up to donate the cost of a Coffee each week, a Coffee can cost £2.50, which is £10 a month. Having a regular income will allow us to plan for 2022, the reserves the club will create will enable us to promote better, allows to plan for events; while giving us the funds required to attend without affecting our appeals.

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Ben Alder Project 

2021 will see the project reach its second anniversary, and like many heritage projects Covid 19 has had an effect on all our activities. The opportunities to raise awareness, and much needed funds have not been available to us. Last year we also lost 2 important individuals, who have been offering our team support and knowledge during the initial phases of the project. 


These losses have not held the project back, and in 2020 we produced our first Drawings, patterns and components; last year has also offered us a unique opportunity to cast the front Bogie wheels. Our wheel appeal will allow us to acquire the first major items for Ben Alder; while we are continuing to progress the Bogie drawings to enable us proceed with the Bogie build as the funds become available, as well as smaller components.


We hope you will take time to view this website and consider supporting the project.


The Ben Alder Project Team  

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