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Ben Alder Project Announcement


The management team for New Build Locomotive Scotland (NBLS), would like to notify our supporters and regular donors about our current situation.

This year has already given us a couple difficult scenarios to deal with; first our project leader has been experiencing personal issues with family health. This has caused them to take a slightly reduced role within the project, but they will continue to work towards our various goals.

The second problem we are all facing is the current situation with the Corona Virus. We are fortunate in still being a small project, so the restrictions have not affected us. It will prevent us from attending events that we had hoped would help provide us with further opportunities to publicise ourselves. This, its self will restrict our financial growth, and that will slow our ambitions with the current projects.

Another affect we had not expected has been that members of our design team have had temporary block to the design programmes needed to produce and amend designs. We hope that this will be a short term problem, and once their situation changes work will resume on converting the original Drummond drawings for modern CAD files.

On a positive note, last month was our second best month for donations; only the month that included the SRPS gala has been better! We are hoping in the next few months to start producing smaller components, and place the order for the first parts for the bogie.

Finally on behalf of the Management team, we would like to ask our supporters to remain safe in these unusual times.

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New Build Locomotive Scotland began with the simple realisation; that among all the new builds currently being undertaken across the preservation scene, none of them represent the majesty that was a Scottish Pre-grouping locomotive.

With this in mind, NBLS aims to fill this gap in the preservation world by building a new locomotive in Scotland, by Scotland, for Scotland. It is our intention to build a Ben Class, namely Ben Alder (Dubs & Co.3685 build in 1898).

New Build Locomotive Scotland- registered charity number is SC049595.

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